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About Us :

Established in Maharashtra on 21st March , 2013 and within a short span of 10 months Company was Registered in 12 States of India and slowly we are adding few more states depending upon the requirement of our Customers.

Ideas decision to focus 1st Year in Banking Industry Infrastructure has given the Company solid foundation to diversify later in Retails Industry. Ideas has partnered with different Companies to cater to their need based requirement in Banking and Retails.

Ideas continue to work closely with existing Customers to Design & Develop Customised range of Products and Services to meet their needs including Interior Solutions , Kiosk , Portacabin , E Lobbies, Premium Sites, Signage , Branding , Display items , etc., The Reserve Bank of India in June 2012 permitted non Bank entities with net worth over Rs. 100 cr to Own and Operate ATMs ( White Label ATM ) in tier III-VI Towns. Many Corporate Companies applied and got permission. They collectively form 60,000 nos across the Country.

The Ministry of Finance Project ( DFS ) of 60,000 ATMs is also under process with Major Companies like TCBIL , CISB, Mphasis, NCR, Prizm, FSS, FIS and Accura churning out huge nos every month.
Ideas focus since inception was to Service these Customers with Flawless Project Management and Execution. We are proud to say we have delivered our Customers Quality with On Time and Consistent Delivery with our Pan India Team Presence supported by our Design Team in Mumbai. Ideas Team undergoes regular training in the field of Project Management and Execution , wherein new Concept and Technology is incorporated which benefits the Customer.